Why are your OEM products not sold to wholesalers or discount shops?

Simply, we are under contract with those automobile manufacturers.

Can you tell me about some quality awards DENSO has been given?

DENSO was recently awarded the 2002 JD Powers Chairman's Award for manufacturing. This prestigious award signifies our commitment to quality and advanced engineering achievements.

Can I buy parts directly from DENSO if a distributor cannot be located in my area?

We only sell to whole distributors. If a distributor is not close by, we will assist you in finding a distributor or dealer that will ship products to you. Please call 888.96.DENSO and ask for "Aftermarket Sales." Someone in our sales department will help you.

I found alleged DENSO flow rates, voltage output and other technical data on other independent web sites. It says that the data is correct and direct from DENSO. Can I trust it?

No. Absolutely not. Since DENSO does not publish technical data. Whatever you may have found is merely speculative guess work from tuners and enthusiasts.

Is DENSO located in Long Beach (California) or in Japan?

DENSO Corporation is a global company. Our global headquarters are located in Japan. DENSO Sales California, Inc. is located in Long Beach, California.